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This full-body positioning bolster is ideal for creating comfortable and pressure relieving positions for clients or patients in bed. The cylinder-shaped bolstering cushion is 250 cm long, which means that it can support the body from head to toe all at once.

Unlike similar body pillows, Tube 250 is filled with pressure-relieving foam granulate, which is moldable and provides stability and comfort. This means that the body cushion is suitable for creating comfortable side-lying positions, 30-degree positions and other pressure relieving positions adapted to the client’s needs.

The foam filling and multi-stretch cover provide superior pressure relieving properties, making this positioning aid ideal for preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

Positioning for Tactile Stimulation

This long body pillow has a nice weight to it, that provides tactile stimuli and optimal support of clients with sensory deprivation, such as clients with Alzheimer’s Disease or other cognitive disorders.

Clients in need of extra tactile stimuli can hug the body bolster while lying on the side and being supported alongside the entire body.

Stable position

Unlike rolled up covers and duvets, this full-body positioning bolster creates a comfortable positioning while allowing for heat and moisture to evaporate. This means that the risk of tissue damages caused by maceration is eliminated.

The foam granulate filling also ensures that the cushion moulds according to the position of the client without compromising the stability of the position. Unlike cushions filled with Styrofoam balls, this bolster cushion stays in place, keeping the desired position for as long as needed.

Unique benefits

  • Weight provides tactile stimuli and reduces externalizing behaviour
  • Documented pressure-relieving effects
  • Body heat can escape reducing the risk of maceration
  • Anti-slip cover – position remains the same as long as needed

Useable for

  • Place the cushion in front of or behind the body for comfortable and relaxing positions
  • Full-body positioning of clients in need of sensory stimulation
  • 30° supine position
  • Relieve of pressure ulcers or high-pressure points

Recommended for

  • Clients or patients in need of tactile or sensory stimulation
  • Patient in risk of developing pressure ulcers or with existing pressure ulcers
  • People who have difficulty finding a relaxing position

This positioning cushion is suitable for use in all assisted living homes, nursing homes, hospitals and more.


This video shows the different possible uses of the LEJRELET Tube 250.

Benefits of LEJRELET Benefits of LEJRELET

This informative video showcases the advantages of using our support cushions, LEJRELET.

Full body positioning with LEJRELET Tube 250 Full body positioning with LEJRELET Tube 250

In this video, we show four positioning examples with LEJRELET Tube 250:
1. Pressure relieving and relaxed positioning
2. From lateral to 30 degrees positioning
3. Semi-Fowler with pressure relief for pelvis and heels
4. Semi-Fowler with pressure relief for scapula and heels

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Use of LEJRELET cushions has brought down pain levels Use of LEJRELET cushions has brought down pain levels

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LEJRELET Tube 250 can be wiped clean with water and disinfectant liquids or poured over with boiling water. We recommend that the pillow is not machine washed, as water can seep through the seams, after which the foam takes a long time to dry. The cover cannot be removed, and we recommend that no other cover be placed on the outside of the pillow, as this may reduce the effects of the cushion.

Accessories and spare parts

Bag for LEJRELET Item no 5000007

What is the cover of the positioning and support cushions made of?

The cover of the cushions is made of a material called Polyurethane coated polyester, which is a light polyester material that has a fire-retardant polyurethane coating on both sides. Furthermore, the cover is treated with a water-repellent agent. 

What kind of filling is used in the LEJRELET cushions?

The LEJRELET Tube 125, Tube 250, Pad Low and Oval are all made of 100 % viscoelastic foam. The foam is pressure relieving, provides a large support surface and high comfort for the client, as the foam forms in the desired position.

LEJRELET Wedge and Pad High are both made with a core of polyurethane foam covered with visco-elastic foam. This combination makes the cushions firm and supportive as well as provides an effective pressure relieving quality. 

Can I remove the cover from the positioning cushions?

No, you can not. All the covers are either welded or sewn together. The only model with a zipper is the LEJRELET Pad High. It is made that way purely out of constructional reasons. The cover is not intended to be removed and we do not sell spare covers for the cushions separately.

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LEJRELET Tube 250 is a positioning bolster to support and pressure relieve the entire body. It can be used to create comfortable positions, to relieve pressure points and prevent pressure ulcers, as well as provide sensory stimuli for clients with sensory deprivation such as people with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Item no 5000001


Diameter: 25 cm

Length: 250 cm

Weight: 4700 g

Cover: Polyester (Polyurethane coated)

Filling: 100% viscoelastic foam



This product is compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745)

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