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Easily move and handle clients in bed with this assisted living aid designed to turn and reposition clients in bed without straining caregivers. Simultaneously, provide gentle and calm care with no pushing and pulling, to improve skin integrity and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

With the turning aid, it is possible to:

  • Turn a person from supine to lateral position and back
  • Transfer a client sideways in bed
  • Mobilize the client from the bedside and into bed
  • Move the client higher up in bed
  • Simplify other processes such as applying a sling and positioning
  • Turn a patient to/from prone position

Improve Work Health & Safety

Using this powered patient turning aid relieves strain on caregivers’ necks, backs, arms, and shoulders, preventing muscular-skeletal disorders and work injuries.

Operated by hand control, VENDLET Basic is easy and intuitive to use, and makes it possible to work 1:1 with clients up to 250 kilos, increasing efficiency and leaving time and energy for other tasks.

On this model, side rails are lifted manually by simply grabbing the motor bar and lifting the side until it clicks into place. Then, by the press of a button, turn even the most challenging clients without risking the work health and safety of family member, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Gentle & Calm Care

VENDLET Basic presents a comfortable alternative for clients or patients that need help turning in bed, transferring into bed, and more.

With no pushing or pulling, patient transfer becomes a calm experience, even for clients that are known for being anxious or easily agitated. The gentle motion of the sheet ’hugging’ the client has been shown to have a calming effect on people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, as the movement is slow and recognizable from day to day.

The gentle motion also has been shown to reduce the risk of tissue damage and help pressure ulcers heal, and many can remain asleep when turned during the night.

Working 1:1 with a client or patient also significantly improves the communication and relationship between the carer and client. Clients often feel more involved in their care and more seen by carers. This improves their overall happiness and quality of life.

High Infection Control

Suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes and home care situations, VENDLET Basic is machine washable, and easily mounts on most hospital- and care beds.

In some cases, VENDLET Basic can remain mounted on the bed while going into the wash, to simplify logistics when moving aids around in care facilities.

Sheets are attached with a Quick-Tag system, where the edge of the sheet is pressed into a groove on the bar.

Compatible with other aids

VENDLET Basic does not affect the use of other devices such as air mattresses, respirators, urine bags, drainage, and bed features (e.g. elevation of the head end).

Target Group

This powered turning aid is designed to improve workplace health and safety for caregivers and other caretakers that manage the care of people who need help being turned or transferred in and out of bed.

As such, the turning device is a suitable aid for people with no or very limited mobility, e.g. people with paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and more. The aid also provides dignified care for elderly clients in care homes and home care.

However, VENDLET Basic can also be used by the client, typically in cases where the client retains function in some limbs and is cognitively capable of understanding how to use the system. Among other things, the client can use the system to reposition themselves during the night. This presupposes that the side rails are left up during the night.

Potential users:

  • People affected by pain, people receiving palliative care
  • People at risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • People with disabilities or chronic diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and more
  • People with cognitive dysfunction such as people with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Elderly or geriatric patients who cannot turn themselves in bed


  • Improved work health and safety, fewer sick days, and injuries
  • Fewer pressure ulcers, less friction, and shearing
  • Gentle and calm care makes the client feel safe
  • Build-in bed rail
  • Change the sheets with the client still in bed

Integrated Side Rail

The system works as a tested and approved side rail when both sides are left up.

Whether to leave the bed rail up or down is up to a clinical evaluation of the client’s needs.

How it Works

VENDLET Basic turning aid consists of two motorized bars mounted on each side of the bed. To turn a client from supine to side-lying position, lift the bars on either side until they click into place, and tighten the sheet by pressing the button on the hand control. As the system turns the client, gently position their arms and legs as needed.

Areas of Use and Mounting

This assistive device can be mounted on most care- and hospital beds. It is suitable for use in hospitals, care homes or nursing homes, and in the client’s own home.

Introducing VENDLET Basic! Introducing VENDLET Basic!

With a few less automated functions, it is the perfect balance between simple and advanced, as the system still provides many of the same benefits as the popular and slightly more high-level model, VENDLET V5S. 

How to turn a client with VENDLET Basic How to turn a client with VENDLET Basic

This video demonstrates how you turn a client with the VENDLET Basic.

How to attach sheets on VENDLET Basic How to attach sheets on VENDLET Basic

The video shows how to attach both the slide sheet and the turning sheet on the VENDLET Basic.

How to operate the hand control on VENDLET Basic How to operate the hand control on VENDLET Basic

This video demonstrates how the hand control on VENDLET Basic works. 

How to change the sheet on an occupied bed with VENDLET Basic How to change the sheet on an occupied bed with VENDLET Basic

The video demonstrates how you change the sheet on an occupied be with the VENDLET Basic 

How to turn a client to prone position using VENDLET Basic How to turn a client to prone position using VENDLET Basic

This video shows how to turn a client to a prone position with VENDLET Basic.

Position clients higher in bed with VENDLET Basic Position clients higher in bed with VENDLET Basic

This video demonstrates how to position a client higher in bed if they have slid down during the night.

How to use VENDLET Basic as side rails How to use VENDLET Basic as side rails

The video demonstrates how to use the VENDLET Basic as a side rail.

Applying a sling with VENDLET Basic Applying a sling with VENDLET Basic

This video shows how to apply a sling on a client and how the process has been made easier the VENDLET Basic.

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VENDLET Basic is machine washable by automatic washing systems according to EN 60601-2-52. See the manual for further washing instructions. Sheets must be washed as described on the care label.

Accessories and spare parts

Turning sheet w quick tag Item no 2600200

Slide sheet Item no 3601001

What is the VENDLET?

The VENDLET is an electrical turning system that is used during the repositioning, the transferring, and the turning of a bedridden client accommodated at nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, and other institutions. The VENDLET is mostly used for clients who suffer from some degree of mobility limitations or have limited cognitive resources. 

The VENDLET can also be referred to as a patient transfer aid or a patient positioning system. You might also have heard it in reference to assistive technology, rehabilitation, bariatric and obesity issues as well as mobility aids. 

Who are the targeted groups of a powered turning aid? 

There are two target groups meant for this assistive device; 1) caregivers and 2) clients and patients. Both groups have reasons as to why they would benefit from an electrical turning system. 

The client and patient group can be further subcategorized into four groups. This is supported by a research project by The Danish Technological Institute. Those four subcategories are:

  1. Clients who suffer from diseases causing limited mobility such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease, Cerebral Palsy (CP), ALS, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and more.
  2. Psychiatric clients or clients with limited cognitive resources causing diseases such as dementia, anxiety, or BPSD, or other cliental groups who showcase aggressive behavior. 
  3. Clients affected by pain such as cancer patients, terminally ill clients, or clients with multiple fractures. 
  4. Bariatric clients. 

The research project recommends that you look at a guideline before determining whether or not your client would benefit from using a patient turning aid. You can see a guideline here


Is it possible to change the sheet on the VENDLET?

The answer might seem obvious to people, who already know the VENDLET, but our team is often asked this question. The answer is yes. The sheet can be changed (watch the video to see how). The sheet must be changed as often as a regular sheet, and it can also be changed while the client lies in the bed. 

Do I risk accidentally rolling the client out of the bed when using a turning system?

Some caregivers fear that they will accidentally roll the client out of the bed when using the patient transfer aid and that they will land on the floor. However, there is no need to be worried about that. For that to happen, you would have to be extremely inattentive and continue to press the button even though the client would protest as they would reach the side rail. Furthermore, it would usually take an extra push for the client to roll past the bar as their weight would lower them into the mattress. 

See more questions and answers


VENDLET Basic is a powered patient turning aid for moving and handling patients and clients in bed. With a few less automated functions, VENDLET Basic is a less advanced and cheaper version of the models V5S and Bari.

Safe Working Load: 150 kg.

Item no 6200000


Weight in total: 30 kg

Lenght: 200-220 cm (telescopic sides)

Width: 7.5 cm on each side of the bed

Material: Aluminium

Safe Working Load: 150 kg

Noise Level (max load): 65 db(A)

Expected Service Live: 10 years



The VENDLET system is compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC 60601-1-2). The bed rail is tested and approved per ISO 60601-2-52. Sheets for VENDLET are OEKO-TEX certified.

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