Powered Turning Aid

VENDLET is a powered patient tranfer aid for moving and handling patients or clients in bed.

The turning aid allows healthcare staff, loved ones or the client themselves to easily reposition and turn the client in bed without pushing and pulling. The client can be turned to supine, prone or lateral position. It is also possible to move the client up or sideways in bed.

What Is a Patient Turning System?

A patient turning aid is an assistive device that allows for gentle turning or repositioning of a patient or client in bed, while not straining healthcare staff, nurses, caregivers or loved ones assisting the moving and handling of the patient. The patient turning system even makes it possible for some patients to turn themselves, increasing independence and dignity.

The patient turning aid is used in place of positioning bed pads, transfer boards or other mobility aids.

Improve Workplace Health and Safety in Healthcare

The patient turning aid helps ensure safety for both the client and the helper whether being a healthcare professional or family member.

This assistive device eliminates the need for lifting, pushing, and pulling on the client when turning them. This creates sustainable work health and safety for staff as it reduces the risks of injuries to the neck, shoulders, arms, and back, often associated with moving and handling.

Dignified and Independent Living

Clients using the transfer aid on their own can obtain a more independent life, where they can manage some situations requiring turning or repositioning themselves, such as turning during the night. This means that the client will have fewer disturbances through the night, as they can adjust their position as needed without having to wait for help from others. As such the individuals functioning and independence is improved, thereby promoting their well-being.

Whether a client can use the system on their own depends on an individual assessment of their cognitive and physical capabilities.

Target Group

The turning aid provides dignified care for people with disabilities, elderly people, and people with health conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.

When using this patient transfer equipment, the client will experience more dignified and gentle care as any pushing or pulling is eliminated from the moving and handling process.

The patient transfer aid can be used in any setting such as the client’s own home, in hospitals, care homes or nursing homes.



VENDLET Standard

Our newest turning system, VENDLET Standard, can be washable in automated tunnel washers and is easy to mount. Furthermore, the system is made from environmentally friendly materials and is our most sustainable powered turning aid to date.

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VENDLET Basic is a powered patient turning aid for moving and handling patients and clients in bed. With a few less automated functions, VENDLET Basic is a less advanced and cheaper version of the models V5S and Bari. Safe Working Load: 150 kg.

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The VENDLET V5S is a patient transfer aid for turning and repositioning patients in bed. The assistive device makes it possible to perform a gentle and smooth repositioning of the patient, which requires a minimum of strain and effort of healthcare staff.

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VENDLET Bari is an assistive device for moving and handling bariatric patients in bed. The patient turning aid relieves the task of turning and repositioning bariatric clients, while also improving the quality of care, providing a more gentle and comfortable repositioning.

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