7-week trial with positive results

7-week trial with positive results

Vendlet’s positioning cushion series, LEJRELET, which consists of 6 cushions specially developed for positioning has been tested for 7 weeks with positive results.

The trial, which was set out to explore the pressure ulcer prevention qualities of the cushions, was done at a care facility in Berlin, Zentrum für Beatmun und Intensivpflege (ZBI). And the results were positive! None of the 11 test subjects developed pressure ulcers during the trial despite all being categorized as in risk of developing pressure ulcers. One person even had a pre-existing pressure ulcer which healed during the trial. 


Background of the trial

The care home’s assessment of the cushions was made based on observations performed by the home’s highly specialized caregivers, nurses and therapists. The observations were made based on a systematic test plan, and the final evaluation of the cushions was done by the home’s wound specialist, Sebastian Kruschwitz.

The test subjects ranged in age from 22 to 83 years old and all had limited mobility. All of the 11 subjects were evaluated to be in risk of developing pressure ulcers, and therefore needed preventative measures.

Only equipped with the cushions from the LEJRELET series, the healthcare staff at the care facility performed the positionings that they found necessary for the individual client’s needs. Besides pressure ulcer prevention, the positioning cushions were also tested with other goals in mind, such as relief of the respiratory system and sensory integration and stimuli. The healthcare staff felt that they were able to perform all the desired positionings with the cushions available in the LEJRELET series.


Better than blankets and comforters

Besides the pressure ulcer preventative qualities of the cushions, the healthcare staff also observed another positive effect, as using the cushions did not lead to increased skin moisture from the clients despite the summerly temperatures during the trial period. This is because the pillows are made from a material that lets heat seep through, opposite to what is often the case when using regular pillows or comforters for positioning, as these are designed to keep you warm.

The cover of the cushions is also designed so that they do not move or slide away once the client has been positioned. This was also one of the great benefits that the staff at ZBI experienced themselves. The cushions stayed where they were first placed, and the positioning could be upheld for as long as the healthcare staff found it necessary. The staff also pointed out that the cushions adapted to the client’s body without losing its position and pressure relieving qualities.


Unconditional recommendation of LEJRELET

The results of the trial period were positive! The staff’s combined observations led to a clear recommendation of the LEJRELET cushions, which they found appropriate for both institutions and home care. Particularly the positive results obtained from the cushions pressure relieving properties and the easy handling were crucial for the staff’s recommendation.

Five clear benefits

  1. No harm to the skin of clients
  2. Easy to handle and adjustable to the client
  3. Do not slide away once placed
  4. No added skin moisture
  5. Easy to clean and disinfect


Many possibilities other than positioning

Even though the LEJRELET series is especially developed for pressure relief they also have many other possible uses. So, the healthcare staff at ZBI also experienced. For example, the cushions were used for sensory stimulation, supporting the client’s locomotion, easing of respiration and the mobilization of secretion. As such, many different positioning methods were tested, among others the 30 degrees sideway position, 135-degree position, bobath positioning, full body positioning and many more.

This, combined with the cushions ability not to slide away, means that they can be used for both pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, hygiene processes in bed and much more. 


ZBI in short

Zentrum für Beatmung und Intensivpflege (ZBI) is a unique care facility located in Stokower Bogen in Berlin. The facility was founded in 2006 and has specialized in the care of client who receive oxygen therapy, clients with need of intensive care and clients who are in a vegetative state or at a state of minimal consciousness. ZBI is particularly known for their individualized courses of treatment and very advanced use of technology. 


LEJRELET in short

LEJRELET is a series of positioning cushions developed for the bedridden client. The cushions are developed by Physio Therapist, Peter Maindal, and are particularly developed to facilitate a simple and manageable positioning for the healthcare staff and clients. The cushion’s size and shape provides great flexibility and the individual cushions can be used for multiple purposes – individually or combined. The cushions are made from different types of foam and covers with a unique cover material.