Our History

Vendlet is a young and dynamic company with a long and personal history.

An Idea Evolves

In the 1970s, the Danish engineer, Christian Buus, faced a challenge. His disabled daughter was cared for at home, primarily by Christian's wife, and often had to be turned 3-5 times each night. As she got older, the mother's back could no longer withstand the many turns and transfers.

In his search for a solution to the problem, Christian invented the first mechanical patient turning system; VENDLET. The solution was successful, and Christian Buus got the idea that the product could also benefit others. Thus, the company, now known as Vendlet, was founded under the name H.C. Equipment in 1985. The business quickly gained momentum and began exports across the world.

Sons Heine and Flemming Buus took over the company after their father in 1990.


Vendlet today

In June 2010, physiotherapist Peter Maindal acquired the company, which lead to the company changing name to Vendlet, a significant reorganization, and a move from Aalborg to Aabenraa, where Vendlet has its headquarters today.

Today, Vendlet's products, including the original and fully automatic turning system, VENDLET, are sold in large parts of the world via distributors. And in 2017, the business was further expanded with a subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Vendlet has since won several awards for best product, innovation, and growth, and is today known as an innovative and knowledge-based assisted living technology manufacturer that focuses on creating solutions for care in and around the bed. It has among other things led to the development of cushions, mattresses, and small assistive aids.


That is why Vendlet is a young and dynamic company with a long and personal history.