Positioning and Support Cushions

Our positioning and support aids are developed by healthcare professionals to provide optimum pressure-relieving abilities and easy cleaning for use in hospital- and care environments. The foam filling and multi-stretch cover provide superior pressure relieving properties, making these positioning cushions ideal for relieving pressure points while creating a comfortable and stable support for any patient or client.

Our Positioning Aids

With Vendlet's positioning cushions, it is possible to create comfortable positions for the client or patient that can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, improve sleep quality, and lead to less pain.

Proper and stable positioning of any client or patient needing care in bed, can also help improve workplace health and safety for caregivers or health care workers. Stable positioning of the patient means that health staff can focus on performing their task without having to stabilize the client, e.g. on the side, at the same time.

In our line of support cushions, you will find body pillows, wedges, support pillows, knee abduction cushions, leg rest cushions, lumbar support cushions and more.

All our support cushions can be used on their own or in combination to create tailored support for each client or patient. It is, for instance, possible to create 30-degree positioning, 70-degree positioning, comfortable full-body positions, positions to better respiration, positioning for intimate care and much more.

Pressure Relieving Positioning

The positioning pillows are all made from high-quality pressure-relieving foam, which makes them ideal for relieving pressure on existing pressure ulcers and for preventing new ones from appearing.

These effects have been documented through several user statements and product trials.

Slip Resistance

The cover on the support cushions is slip-resistant, meaning that the pillows do not budge or move around on the sheet. This ensures that the client stays in the desired position for as long as needed.

The cover is made from a unique multi-stretch material which allows the foam to adapt to the client without losing its pressure-relieving properties.

Vapour Permeable and Waterproof Cover

The cover on the support cushions is treated with an agent that makes it both breathable and waterproof. This means that it is possible for heat, moisture, and condensation to evaporate, while fluids cannot penetrate the cover.

Area of Use

The positioning cushions are suitable for use in residential home care, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and assisted living homes for clients or patients of all ages. The support pillows are easy to clean and can be wiped with regular disinfectant agents.

Do you have any questions about our positioning cushions? Then have a look at our frequently asked questions or reach out to us at vendlet@vendlet.dk




This bolster cushion is ideal for full-body positioning of patients or clients. For instance, this body cushion can be used for support in the side-lying position, as a pregnancy pillow or as a comfort creating pillow for kids or elderly in need of tactile stimuli.

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LEJRELET Tube 250 is a positioning bolster to support and pressure relieve the entire body. It can be used to create comfortable positions, to relieve pressure points and prevent pressure ulcers, as well as provide sensory stimuli for clients with sensory deprivation such as people with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

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LEJRELET Wedge is a wedge cushion suited for creating stability and comfort. This support cushion is designed to provide upright or reclining support. Place the positioning wedge at the client’s back upright to create stability or on the flat side to create a 30-degree supine position. You can also place Wedge at the client’s chest to ensure a comfortable side-lying position.

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This square and firm support cushion is ideal for the support of legs, knees, and ankles. In the lateral position, place the client’s leg on the cushion to ensure a neutral hip joint while creating optimal conditions for performing intimate hygiene or other care tasks in bed.

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This flexible positioning cushion is ideal for supporting knees, heels, feet, and elbows. The design of this flat positioning cushion makes it adaptable to many situations that require pressure relieving.

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This small positioning cushion is developed particularly developed to be used for micro-positioning purposes but can also be used as a lumbar support cushion, an abduction wedge, and much more.

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LEJRELET set without tubes

This set of three support cushions is a great standard set for most clients and patients. The support cushions are particularly useful for clients, that cannot support themselves in the side-lying position, or who have sensitive legs and heels that need relieving.

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LEJRELET set with Tube 125

This set of 5 different support cushions can be used to create unique and tailored positions for any patient or client. The set includes a leg support cushion, a long body bolster, a wedge, and two smaller positioning cushions.

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LEJRELET set with Tube 250

The five positioning cushions in this set can be combined to create everything from full-body positioning to small repositions and targeted pressure-relieving efforts. The set comes with a practical bag to easily store and carry the support cushions.

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With this practical bag for storing support cushions, it becomes easier to store and transport the cushions.

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