Gitte’s sleep quality has improved through positioning

Gitte’s sleep quality has improved through positioning

Gitte, who is hemiplegic after having suffered an embolism in the brain, has had issues with poor quality of sleep, because she slides down and twists her body. This causes her pain and interrupts her sleep.

24. November 2018

Because Gitte is paralyzed on one side, she has a hard time stabilizing herself in the bed. That means that she very easily slides down in the bed, whereby her body twists into a painful position.

Therefore, LEJRELET Tube 250 has been used to position Gitte in a stabile position.

She has particularly enjoyed being positioned with her head resting on the middle of the tube with the tube folded down under her arms in a horseshoe shape. In this position, she is stabilized and cannot slide to neither to right nor the left side.

Thereby she avoids the painful twists she was otherwise troubled by before. This also has positive effects for her sleep, which is important for both the cognitive and physical functions of the body.

Besides this position, the carers have also used Tube 250 for other positions, for instance where the cushions is placed down Gitte's one side.