Use of LEJRELET cushions has brought down pain levels

Use of LEJRELET cushions has brought down pain levels

Sara shares the story of how her mother has benefitted from using the LEJRELET cushions.

12. September 2018

User statement from a clients daughter.

My mother is 90 years old and completely bedridden. She feels dizzy whenever she is repositioned as the movements are too much for her. An AD mattress was installed in order to improve circulation and protect her skin, but it is no longer sufficient in preventing pressure ulcers. Her skin around her tailbone, back, shoulder blades, elbows and heels started showing signs of irritation, and was red. Small ulcers also started to appear, which caused my mother increased pain.

Together with an Occupational Therapist, we started to look around for a way to relieve my mother’s skin and thereby reduce her pain.

An account manager from Vendlet was asked about the possibilities within minimal repositioning methods. After some testing the cushions Pad Low and Oval from the LEJRELET series were found to be the best solution. Both cushions give just the right amount of repositioning to where we can relieve her skin but keep her comfortable and relaxed without moving her too much. The Pad Low and Oval are very easy to use and combine and a good positioning is achieved with minimum effort.

My mother’s skin is showing significant improvements and the pressure ulcers she already has are less red and less painful. Compared to the regular repositioning method, where she was tipped over, it is much easier to care for her with the cushions, and her skin is not as exposed to tugging and stretching.

Using the cushions felt instantly normal and there was no adjustment period. They felt immediately more comfortable for my mother even though the repositioning is more frequent.