Decrease in Number of Violent Episodes

Decrease in Number of Violent Episodes

A care home in Denmark carried out an assessment of the VENDLET V5S. The project showed that the VENDLET V5S has a calming effect on people with dementia.

19. October 2017

Method and scope

The care home wanted to assess the work health and safety for staff in transfer situations in and out of bed. At the same time, the effects for the clients were also evaluated.

The efficiency assessment of VENDLET V5S took place over a period of 2 months.

The following parameters were evaluated:

  • Staff assessment of the physical work health and safety
  • The number of turns and transfers per day
  • Time spent per transfer

It was also evaluated whether VENDLET had an effect on a demented client’s behaviour.


Improved Conditions for Staff and Reduced Time Consumption

Employees at the care home indicated that their workload was reduced significantly after the VENDLET V5S was installed.

Furthermore, uniformity of the transfer routines was achieved which resulted in a decrease in time spent. In total there were an average savings of 11 minutes per day, per client. The staff took 9-10 days to obtain a new routine using the VENDLET system.


Calming Effect

One of the participating clients suffered from severe vascular dementia and had an externalising behaviour. The client needed the same routines every day.

Before the client had a VENDLET, there were 4 episodes of externalising behaviour involving the client. The following month, when VENDLET V5S was used, there were no such episodes. It was evaluated that the uniform and gentle transfer method made the client feel more safe and calm.

This is in line with the official Danish recommendations that state that the best aids for transfer of demented clients are those that:

  • minimizes the number of touches
  • is easily recognizable
  • has calm movements

The smooth and gentle movements that characterize transfers with the VENDLET system abide by exactly these criteria.


Intense Training of Staff

In order to make it possible for the staff to obtain a routine, the care home chose to ensure the staff an intensive education in the use of the VENDLET system.

Although half of the staff already had knowledge of the VENDLET from previously, the staff estimated that they benefited greatly from the training.