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A turning sheet must be used with a VENDLET-system. The turning sheet is mounted on the VENDLET-system’s two motorized bars.

The disposable turning sheet is made from 100 % nonwoven polypropylene. The disposable turning sheet is water-resistant, breathable and has received an anti-static treatment.

Mounting a disposable turning sheet on VENDLET V5S Mounting a disposable turning sheet on VENDLET V5S

This video is a demonstration of how to change a disposable turning sheet on the VENDLET-system.

Changing the disposable sheet on an occupied bed with VENDLET V5S Changing the disposable sheet on an occupied bed with VENDLET V5S

This video is a demonstration of how to change a disposable turning sheet on an occupied bed with the VENDLET-system.


This sheet is disposable and cannot be washed.

What is the VENDLET?

The VENDLET is an electrical turning system that is used during the repositioning, the transferring, and the turning of a bedridden client accommodated at nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, and other institutions. The VENDLET is mostly used for clients who suffer from some degree of mobility limitations or have limited cognitive resources. 

The VENDLET can also be referred to as a patient transfer aid or a patient positioning system. You might also have heard it in reference to assistive technology, rehabilitation, bariatric and obesity issues as well as mobility aids. 

Who are the targeted groups of a powered turning aid? 

There are two target groups meant for this assistive device; 1) caregivers and 2) clients and patients. Both groups have reasons as to why they would benefit from an electrical turning system. 

The client and patient group can be further subcategorized into four groups. This is supported by a research project by The Danish Technological Institute. Those four subcategories are:

  1. Clients who suffer from diseases causing limited mobility such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease, Cerebral Palsy (CP), ALS, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and more.
  2. Psychiatric clients or clients with limited cognitive resources causing diseases such as dementia, anxiety, or BPSD, or other cliental groups who showcase aggressive behavior. 
  3. Clients affected by pain such as cancer patients, terminally ill clients, or clients with multiple fractures. 
  4. Bariatric clients. 

The research project recommends that you look at a guideline before determining whether or not your client would benefit from using a patient turning aid. You can see a guideline here


Is it possible to change the sheet on the VENDLET?

The answer might seem obvious to people, who already know the VENDLET, but our team is often asked this question. The answer is yes. The sheet can be changed (watch the video to see how). The sheet must be changed as often as a regular sheet, and it can also be changed while the client lies in the bed. 

Do I risk accidentally rolling the client out of the bed when using a turning system?

Some caregivers fear that they will accidentally roll the client out of the bed when using the patient transfer aid and that they will land on the floor. However, there is no need to be worried about that. For that to happen, you would have to be extremely inattentive and continue to press the button even though the client would protest as they would reach the side rail. Furthermore, it would usually take an extra push for the client to roll past the bar as their weight would lower them into the mattress. 

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Turning sheet - disposable

The disposable turning sheet with velcro is 400 cm wide and can be used for mattresses with a width up to 110 cm. 

Disposable turning sheets are sold in boxes of 30 pieces.

The disposable turning sheet is suitable for the models:

  • VENDLET V5S Speed Adjust
  • VENDLET Bari

Along with discontinued VENDLET models.

Item no 2600007


Width: 400 cm

Fits a mattress width of 80 - 110 cm

Material: 100% nonwoven polypropylene

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