Product information

The VENDLET system is suspended from the transport trolley so that the mounting brackets are turned outward. The control unit, sheets, tools etc., are placed in crates at the bottom of the trolley. It is possible to use your own crates as the frames are adjustable and can be adapted for different sizes. 

During mounting the bed height is adjusted so that the bed frame is across from the mounting brackets on the VENDLET system. The trolley is placed alongside the bed frame and as close to it as possible. The VENDLET system is then lifted onto the bed frame, first at the head and then at the foot of the bed. The trolley is then moved to the other side where the process is repeated. The mounting brackets are clamped fast, the height is adjusted, the control unit is connected and the assembly is complete.

To disassemble simply repeat the procedure in reverse.

The trolley is of course fitted with brakes on all 4 wheels as well as a bracket for secure attachment during vehicle transport.

Transport and mounting trolley

The trolly provides better protection of the VENDLET system during transport and simplifies the entire mounting and transport process. The trolley can be used with all the VENDLET models.

Item no 6100300