Product information

In certain situations, it can be necessary to protect the restless and agitated clients from bumping into the side rails. Restless and agitated clients have a high risk of bumping into the side rails or pulling the VENDLET turning sheet away from the side rail, leaving hands and feet at risk of entrapment. In these circumstances, it is beneficial to add a side rail bumper to the side rails.

Side rail bumpers are easily mounted, and work up and down with the side rails. The side rail bumpers are mounted on the inside of the rails, so they don’t affect the daily use of VENDLET.

The set consists of 2 PE foam sides and 16 pieces of Velcro, which are used for mounting.


The foam sides and the Velcro can be cleaned with warm water and regular detergents. It is also possible to use alcohol, however in time it can discolor or bleach the foam sides.

Side rail bumper

Side rail bumpers for VENDLET systems.

Compatible with the following VENDLET models:

VENDLET V5S Speed Adjust, 

Item no 1700009