Product information

The actuators for VENDLET V5S, Bari, V5 and V5+ have a large backwards-facing plastic housing. In some situations, the plastic housing may bump against the bed’s brakes, wheels, etc. 

It is possible to turn the actuator 90° so that the plastic housing will instead be positioned alongside the bed. Turning the actuator this way requires dismounting and re-mounting it with an actuator turn fitting.

NOTE: If you make use of this option, be aware that the actuator will be sitting in an exposed position. It will accordingly be extra vulnerable to bumps and bruises. Therefore, only make use of this option if there are no other alternatives.

Actuator turn fitting

The actuator turn fitting is used to avoid conflict between the large backwards-facing plastic housing on the actuator and brakes, wheels, etc. on the bed.

Item no 1880100