The New Standard in Patient Handling

With its modern, sustainable design, simplified mounting, and its ability to be machine washed, VENDLET Standard represents the next generation of powered turn aids for moving and handling patients.



Why VENDLET Standard?

We want our newest patient turning aid to be the standard in moving and handling aids. That is why we came up with the name Standard for our newest addition to the collection of VENDLET systems. 

The powered turning aid has the same benefits as known from our previous models. The aid creates a better work environment, as the clients can be more comfortable and the caregivers have more time to manage other tasks. But why then upgrade the powered turning aid, you might ask?

Keep reading to find out! 

"After we implemented VENDLET, I have fewer days with pounding headaches from straining my neck and shoulders."

Marianne, Caregiver, Varde

Simplified Mounting, Maintenance and Cleaning

With its light 20 kg per side, the VENDLET Standard is the most lightweight powered turning aid available on the market. This makes it easier for the service staff to handle the system and in addition, it makes it easier to mount the VENDLET.

The motors of the system are in fact situated inside the corner posts, which means that there is no need to additionally mount the actuators, as is required with the previous models. Therefore, there are fewer parts and components to mount. As a bonus, the lack of actuators also allows the bed to be lowered all the way down to the floor. 

It is not only the elevation of the bed that has been optimized. The sides of the VENDLET Standard are telescopic, meaning they can be adjusted to fit different varieties of beds. 


  • Simplified mounting with fewer components
  • Made with lightweight aluminium 
  • Telescopic sides 



The VENDLET Standard is machine washable

Machine Washable

The turning device has been constructed in a way that allows it to be machine washed. This optimizes the high infection control needed in hospitals and some care facilities. 

The powered turning aid can easily be taken off the bed, washed and then remounted. However, it is also possible to leave the aid attached to the bed during the machine wash, which would further enhance the rotation process. 

Turning sheet with Quick Tag

New Turning Sheets

Contrary to the previous VENDLET systems, the VENDLET Standard does not use turning sheets with a Velcro attachment. 

Instead, the sheets are fastened onto the bed by a new method we call Quick Tag. With Quick Tag, the sheet is being pressed into a groove on the bar. 

Afterwards, the sheet has to tightened on the bars as usual.



Optimal Patient Safety

Emergency Release Nut

Emergency Release Nut

Each corner post has an emergency release nut, which makes it possible to quickly lower the sides. This is beneficial when dealing with a power outage, an acute cardiac arrest, or a malfunction in the system making it impossible to lower the sides with the hand control.

Fully Automated Circuit Switch

Fully Automated Circuit Switch

The VENDLET Standard has a maximum user weight of 250 kg. If the system becomes overloaded, the VENDLET turns off on its own. This ensures the system's longevity and prevents unnecessary reparations.

MDR and Testing

MDR and Testing

All the VENDLET systems comply with the European Restriction for Medical Devices (MDR), and this of course includes our newest turning aid, the VENDLET Standard. Furthermore, the VENDLET Standard is tested more exceptionally and intensely than any of the previous models i.e. at the German testing facility, TÜV, which is known for making high demands on function, longevity and safety.



"The VENDLET is easy to understand and it eases the many pushes and pulls that occurs during the day."

Maria, Manager, Hillerød


Sustainable and Elegant Design 

The VENDLET Standard is our most sustainable system so far. The turning device is made from aluminium, which is a metal that is 100% reusable. The aluminium also offers a softer and more elegant look, which makes the aid blend in with its surroundings. 

  • During the production of aluminium, there is a predominantly large amount of remelted aluminium, that is recommenced to be remelted and turned into new products when the VENDLET system is being discarded. 
  • For the plastic components, we mainly use polypropylene (PP), which is an easily recyclable plastic with a low environmental impact. 
  • The turning sheets are made thinner, which allows us to reduce the amount of cotton used in the production. This does not however compromise the quality and durability of the sheets. Contrary, it means that the sheets are softer and easier to handle as well as they are more environmentally friendly.
  • All VENDLET systems are being packaged in cardboard boxes made of 85% recycled fibres. 

Familiar Hand Control

Whether you want to transfer your clients from supine to lateral position, make a sideways transfer, move the client higher up in the bed, or use the system to easily apply a sling, the procedure is the same as always.

As the basic functions and operation of the system is the same as with previous models, implementation at care facilities is easy as there is no need for an introductory course. 

  • Familiar hand control
  • Build-in side rail
  • Always comes with Speed Adjustment

"With the VENDLET, everything is under control and I don't get startled at any sudden movements. And it is not straining for the caregivers."

Maria, client with Cerebral Paralysis


Suitable for both hospitals and nursing homes



Wide Variety of Potential Users

Clients living in nursing homes, care facilities, or patients in hospital. All of them can be benefited from using the aid, VENDLET Standard.

Potential users of a VENDLET can be people with physical or mental disabilities such as Cerebal Paralysis, Parkinson’s Disease, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, people affected by pain or dementia and more.

The VENDLET Standard is equipped with a speed adjustment function. This allows for a smooth and gentle transfer for patients who are anxious or agitated. Furthermore, the system creates less noise compared to previous models, which creates a calmer and safer environment for the client or patient. 

The powered turning aid has a maximum user weight of 250 kg and can therefore be used by obese clients. 

  • Maximum user weight of 250 kg
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Significant noise reduction, creating a calmer transfer

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