VENDLET prevents pressure damage

VENDLET prevents pressure damage

After being paralysed from the neck down following a road collision, Heather Hird was struggling to keep pressure damage at bay.

20. May 2019

Despite being manually turned every two hours, Heather's pressure injuries gradually worsened. At its worst, the damage had caused a Grade 5 pressure sore that was so deep it exposed her hip bone.

Luckily, Heather’s mum, Heidi, came across the VENDLET Patient Turning System. Since integrating the system into her care, Heather’s pressure sores have almost completely healed. Such is the improvement, that after four years of bed rest, she soon hopes to be out of bed.

And there were other surprising benefits, too. Heather found being manually handled by her carers uncomfortable. But with the VENDLET, both she and her carers find the process to be smooth and controlled. She also only needs one carer to turn her, rather than two.

Heather’s mum describes the VENDLET’s two-colour system easy to use, and explains that the reduced manual handling requirement has made it easier to attract and recruit carers.

Watch the video of Heidi, Heather's mother, here: