Nick's wife is relieved from straining herself

Nick's wife is relieved from straining herself

Using the VENDLET, a client avoids being pushed and showed in the morning and his wife is also relieved from straining herself when caring for her husband.

10. August 2018

Following receipt of the wonderful VENDLET bed positioning system we thought it prudent to write and thank you for the best piece of care equipment we have had the pleasure to use. Nick has been chronically disabled for many years; he is 34 years old and found moving and handling by Lucy and his three trusted carers a challenge he had to face every day. When receiving his personal care in the morning the carers had to ‘really push and shove me, now all they have to do is press a button and guide me – it’s fantastic’.

Nick said, ‘I haven’t been rolled on my left side for years as it’s my less able side, it was a revelation.’ I (Lucy) mentioned to the OT that I was finding it really difficult to roll Nick, as he was not able to help himself on a daily basis, we have minimal care of two carers a day. My worry was how was I going to manage Nick at home and not increase the level of care needed.

And I have to say, after using the VENDLET system, it has been a life saver to my back and arms. It’s so easy to use. Not only does this bed roll Nick, but when he slips down the bed it’s no problem. He sits on a slide sheet, and all you have to do is press some buttons. Thanks to this piece of equipment my husband can remain in our home with myself and our daughter, I do not have to worry about having to increase the care package and Nick gets a more dignified experience. The bed is an essential part of our everyday life.

Everyone should have access to this! Thank you.

Nick & Lucy