Jim was more comfortable with VENDLET

Jim was more comfortable with VENDLET

VENDLET used as a part of palliative care package.

15. March 2018

By: Deidre Luff, Senior Occupational Therapist

Feedback from the client

The equipment was fitted, staff and family were trained in its use, and most importantly Jim was very comfortable.

His mood lifted as he felt secure, and improved positioning reduced Jim’s pain levels, pressure areas and respiratory distress and his appetite increased. The family were able to care for Jim on the bed with minimal support from social carers, reducing the distress to all.

When the VENDLET was in place Jim was noticeably more comfortable, calmer and in a better mood, and would seem pleased when praised for trying out the new equipment for me.

The family were more relaxed; they understood that Jim was at the very end of life, they were appreciative of the intervention and its benefits. They were also able to reduce the social care package from eight down to two people daily. This gave them more control of caring for Jim and allowed their home to become a more private place for Jim to spend his last days.