Ingelisa can turn herself

Ingelisa can turn herself

More than 20 million people across the world are living with Parkinson’s Disease. Ingelisa from Denmark, who is 76 years old, is one of those people.

During the last few years, the illness has given Ingelisa a number of mobility issues.

One of the challenges she has is that she is unable to turn herself in bed. In order to keep her independence, she therefore looked for an aid, that was able to help her with this problem. She found the MANULET Easy Tube.

Easy tube is a tube of fabric, which has a soft cotton jersey on the outside and a sliding material on the inside. Lying on the Easy Tube when sleeping, Ingelisa is able to turn herself in bed because the material gives her just enough momentum to initiate the movement from her back to her side and vice versa.

“I am very please with the product, and I always bring it with me whenever I have to sleep away from home,” she says.

With the Easy Tube Ingelisa has maintained her independence – a small thing, that makes a great difference for Ingelisa.