Gina's care has improved after receiving a VENDLET

Gina's care has improved after receiving a VENDLET

A Community Occupational Therapist at the Maximising Independence Team in West Berkshire, UK, has made a case study on a VENDLET trial.

6. April 2017

The OT reported

“I am very pleased to report that the VENDLET trial is a resounding success! Everyone is finding it very helpful and the nursing staff are saying that it is much, much easier to manage her care too, they wish more of their patients had them! I am now about to reduce the care package to 1 x 45 min double-up call in the morning, and the family are going to do everything else.”

“I have received excellent feedback from client, family, carers and community nurses regarding how good the system is.”

“I have attached the figures for the savings on the care package for Gina. Aside from the benefits to Gina, and her family and carers, the community nurses have also found that it is so much easier to manage Gina’s care with the Vendlet system in place.”


Previous care package

Previously the care package for this client was 4 x 60 minute double up calls a day. The figures kindly provided show how the investment in VENDLET can be paid off extremely quickly by the savings in care costs.

We are delighted that the VENDLET supplied has been once again utilised to such a great advantage for all – and we look forward to continuing to support the team in West Berkshire through the provision of inspirational care equipment.


Summary of benefits

Savings to care budget over 3 years: £ 70,624.00.

Download the full case study to view the full cost analysis, and savings achieved through the VENDLET system.

Download the full case study