Carers can reposition Wendy without causing her pain

Carers can reposition Wendy without causing her pain

Manual moving and handling methods are too painfull for Wendy and also cause her skin issues.

8. May 2017

By: Janet A, Occupational Therapist

For moving and handling Wendy we normally needed three carers and it was an extremely painful and frightening process for her. Additionally, she had skin problems on her back and her GP wanted her to come off her Topsheet and Wendylett system.

Therefore, the client received a VENDLET system. The training was excellent and the carers (who had studied the online video, as had the client to be prepared) responded well. More importantly, the client was calm throughout and the carers reported that for the first time in ten years she did not call out or say a word (we even rolled her to prone lying).

The huge advantage is that it is smooth and that it supports the whole of the body. Carers are able to move her at the touch of a button and it only requires guidance to move her up the bed on the fitted slide sheet with the roller sheet in the relaxed position.

I phoned again yesterday, and it is working brilliantly; the client is really relaxed throughout the process. Additionally, carers can reduce to two so it should pay for itself quite shortly.