1.5-Year-Old Pressure Ulcer Heals

1.5-Year-Old Pressure Ulcer Heals

A 90-year-old man struggled with a pressure ulcer on the sacrum for more than 1.5 years. The ulcer became so large that it was possible to place an entire hand in it. After receiving the VENDLET patient turning system, the pressure sore is almost healed.

7. November 2019

A 90-year-old man suffered a hip fracture and, as a result, was moved into a care centre. As a bachelor, he was used to deciding for himself and he found it difficult to deal with nursing staff suddenly deciding when to get out of bed for him. Therefore, he started to resist getting up and would spend more and more time in bed.

In addition, he had stiff legs, was a wheelchair user and had a stoma and he was overall difficult for the staff to handle. Various manual sliding reversing systems were used for moving and handling him in bed.

Eventually, the lack of cooperation with the staff resulted in him developing a pressure ulcer, which was cleaned out in the hospital. But the pressure sore just kept getting worse until it was so large that it was possible to place a hand in it.

The man's collaboration difficulties with the staff meant that they had difficulty getting him properly positioned so that the pressure sore could heal and they, therefore, decided to get a VENDLET patient turning system. 

With the help of the VENDLET system, the staff could turn the man on the side, so that the wound could breathe, which was of crucial importance.

After 8 months with the VENDLET system, the pressure ulcer has largely healed.

The client still does not want to get out of bed and has disputes with the staff but he accepts that the VENDLET system is there, and it is even possible for some employees to work with him alone if they give him short commands and set boundaries. 

Anonymous user statement from care centre employee.