When should I use the DORMILET Flexi?

DORMILET Flexi is designed to be used with a hospital- or care bed, as part of an overall care program for the prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers. You can therefore use the mattress within the entire care sector, including specialized institutions, hospitals etc. 

Who is the target group for DORMILET Flexi?

The target group is the active/moderately active bedridden client. The mattress is suitable for clients, who have up to medium risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have already developed ulcers up to and including category 2.

What is the maximum user weight for DORMILET Flexi?

The foam mattress allows a maximum user weight of 160 kg.

Which pressure ulcer category is the DORMILET Flexi suitable for?

The DORMILET Flexi is a mattress especially suitable for clients suffering from pressure ulcers or tissue damage up to category 2.

What is the DORMILET Flexi's foam made of?

The DORMILET Flexi consists of two different types of foam. The bottom of the mattress and the side structure is made of firm foam. This foam frame has specially developed cuts, which means that the mattress is aligned with the bed when for instance the back- or leg support is elevated. Inside the foam frame, there is a softer foam that also has unique cutouts. These cutouts provide the foam with unusually great adaptability to the curvatures of the body, which offer great pressure distribution and comfort.

How does the DORMILET Flexi's slide zone work?

The DORMILET Flexi has a very special slide zone. The slide zone is under the entire upper part of the body and is designed to reduce shear and friction between the bedridden person and the mattress when the back support is elevated - e.g. when a sitting position in the bed is made. The structure means that the friction and shear that normally exist between the bedridden person and the mattress is now relocated to occur inside the mattress between the two different types of foam. This not only reduces shear and friction under the back but the pressure under the pelvis is also reduced considerably.

The slide zone does not work. What do I do?

For the slide zone to function optimally, it is important to ensure that the sheet does not lie too tightly around the mattress and therefore reduces the mobility of the slide zone. 

There is a hole in the cover of the mattress. What do I do?

If the cover is damaged, it should either be repaired or replaced to ensure that the mattress' foam is not exposed to liquids. 

How do I clean the cover of the DORMILET Flexi?

The best way to clean the mattress is by letting the cover stay on the mattress and wash it with a cloth and warm water (60 degrees) containing detergent. 

Feces- and bloodstains must be removed as soon as possible with cold water. For heavy contamination use a 1% Hypochlorite solution.

Can I machine wash the cover of the DORMILET Flexi?

Yes, you can. For a normal clean-up, however, we recommend that you wash the cover with a cloth and regular detergent. But if the cover is very contaminated, the cover can be removed and machine washed at 90 degrees and tumble dried at a low temperature. The cover must, however, not be bleached or ironed. 

Can I reuse the DORMILET Flexi for a new client?

Yes, you can. We do however recommend, that you machine wash the cover and thoroughly check the mattress for damage and contamination before using it on a new client. 

How do I dispose of the DORMILET Flexi?

The DORMILET Flexi must be disposed of as ordinary combustible waste.