Vendlet Launches New Powered Patient Turning Aid

Vendlet Launches New Powered Patient Turning Aid

At Vendlet, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new VENDLET model; VENDLET Standard which is more lightweight, washable in automated bed washers, more sustainable and has a more elegant design.

1. December 2021

Prepared for Future Demands

Vendlet continues to meet increasing demands for hygiene and infection control from customers and stakeholders. Therefore, with the development of the new model, it has been important to meet these requests that previous VENDLET models have not been able to deliver upon.

Therefore, the new model is both washable in automated washing systems/bed washers (IPX4), without Velcro on the sheets and easier to install. This is made possible by the fact that the motors that make the sides of the VENDLET run up and down are now built into the corner posts. As a side benefit, this also means that VENDLET Standard does not limit how far down the bed can be lowered.

“We had to find out how to come up with a completely different design to make the system washable but still with the same high quality. It has required innovation and special development of parts," Vendlet’s engineer, Søren Hedegaard Matthesen, explains. "We have also made it easier to adapt the system to different beds by making it length-adjustable and easy to adjust to the height of the mattress," Søren states.

The new design makes VENDLET Standard the lightest powered patient turning system on the market with a weight of only 20 kilos per side. In addition, the reduced weight also makes the work of moving the aid to and from depots, laundry rooms and the like significantly easier for service and depot staff.


Sustainable Design

At Vendlet, it has always been the mission to contribute to a more sustainable health sector, where a good working environment, a high quality of care and a high level of efficiency play together. In addition, it has also been important for Vendlet to make a positive contribution to the green transition by incorporating sustainability into the development of new products.

"VENDLET Standard is our most sustainable turning system to date when it comes to the materials the system is made of," says Søren.

The system is constructed in recycled Aluminium - a material that can be recycled again and again and therefore has a low environmental impact. At the same time, plastic parts and packaging have also been chosen to reduce the product's environmental impact, just as the sheets for the new systems have also become more sustainable, as they require less cotton to produce than previous sheets.

The company also sticks to its long traditions for Danish-developed and Danish-designed products, and part of the development work has focused on the visual expression of the aid, which has been modernized and simplified.

“VENDLET Standard is 100% Danish produced, developed and designed. We source all parts from Danish suppliers, and we are responsible for development, design, assemblies and packaging," says Peter Maindal, CEO of Vendlet.

High Quality of Care

As always, the quality of care is essential when implementing a powered patient turning system and of course the new VENDLET model is no different.

"The system has the same good benefits that many people know from previous models just with the added bonuses when it comes to mounting and cleaning," says Peter Maindal.

Thus, VENDLET Standard is both gentle on the patient’s skin and contributes to pressure ulcer prevention, provides a more calm patient transfer, and allows for better communication with staff. At the same time, VENDLET Standard is even quieter than previous models, which creates a calmer transfer and increased security for the patient. VENDLET Standard has a user weight of 250 kilos.

"We are not going to phase out our other models, VENDLET V5S and VENDLET Bari, at the moment," says Peter Maindal. Instead, VENDLET Standard should be seen as a supplement to the existing product catalogue.


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