Vendlet Becomes DHG Denmark

Vendlet Becomes DHG Denmark

In February 2022, Vendlet ApS was acquired by DHG. As a result, and to continue to be able to offer our customers the best possible service, Vendlet ApS has now been merged with DHG Danmark A/S.

19. May 2022

Through the merger, we believe that we can optimize the services we offer and thereby improve your overall experience as a customer with us. The merger will allow Vendlet's current customers access to a significantly larger range of solutions for the hospital and care sector, which we look forward to showing you.

Among other things, this includes a wide range of pressure ulcer prevention Mattresses, transfer platforms, and high-quality slings. In addition, the VENDLET product and our positioning cushions in the LEJRELET line will continue. Therefore, you can also continue to follow us at

What does this change mean for you as a customer?

For you as a customer, the acquisition will primarily mean that in future you must place your orders with DHG Danmark A/S, just as it will also be necessary to update bank information to DHG Danmark A/S. These changes will take effect from 1st June 2022. If you are an existing customer with us, you will receive this bank information by email or letter.

In addition, DHG Danmark A/S covers all existing warranty agreements on products purchased from Vendlet ApS.

Changes in the organization

As part of the acquisition, there will be changes in our organization on 1st June 2022, as the two companies will be merged. Some employees from Vendlet ApS will continue at DHG Danmark A/S.

In addition, production of the VENDLET system will be moved to the United Kingdom (UK), but we will continue to hold stock in Denmark. This will ensure that you do not experience longer delivery times and that you are not charged additional freight or customs duties as part of the changes.

New contact information

As part of the acquisition, our contact information will change. However, our old contact information will be forwarded for a transitional period.

The contact information after 1st June 2022 for orders, shipments and invoices are as follows:

Direct Healthcare Group Danmark A / S

Bredgade 45,

7400 Herning

Customer service:

Phone: +45 70 22 43 41

The contact information after 1st June 2022 for installations, re-installations, repairs and service is as follows:

Technical service:

Phone: +45 41 99 10 39


If you have questions about how the changes will affect your individual needs, you are very welcome to write or call us through the above contact information. We are ready to help you!

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