Vendlet ApS Acquired by Welsh DHG

Vendlet ApS Acquired by Welsh DHG

Direct Healthcare Group (DHG) has completed the acquisition of Vendlet ApS. However, the change of ownership will not affect current customers and planned activities will continue as scheduled.

7. February 2022

A Shared Mission

Vendlet's current owner and CEO, Peter Maindal, bought the company in 2010, and has run the company for the past 12 years with a mission to help as many patients as possible to a more dignified care and a better working environment.

“It has been a journey with lots of highs, but it has also cost us a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I am proud of what Vendlet has accomplished and of the change we have made together with our team. So of course, there are a lot of emotions involved,” says Peter Maindal about the big decision.

However, the goal of helping as many people as possible has weighed heavily on the decision to sell: “We feel convinced that we are doing the right thing to ensure that the VENDLET product reaches many more patients, nursing homes and caregivers and help as many as possible. That has always been the goal for us,” says Peter Maindal, who has run the company together with his wife.

And this mission is also shared by DHG, which was founded in 2009 and has since been on an impressive growth journey. Graham Ewart, CEO of DHG, shares this outlook: “At DHG we continually look to provide healthcare with solutions that improve quality of care, and we firmly believe that Vendlet is one such business that delivers this. We are excited by the opportunity that the acquisition of Vendlet brings to DHG in delivering holistic care packages that focus on improving mobility and reducing the avoidable harms that can occur as a result of immobility.”

Knowledge Sharing in Focus

Vendlet ApS will be merged with DHG's existing Danish team, which consists of three sales consultants that all have an education within healthcare – yet another point of similarity between the two merging companies that both place great emphasis on the clinical evidence and support of their products.

“Like Vendlet, DHG works very actively with education and knowledge sharing. Their education program is called Ethos and is completely free for health staff just as Vendlet’s seminar program has always been. This is a very important common feature, and DHG attaches great importance to Vendlet's strong position in this area which they will carry on with in the future,” says Peter Maindal.

About DHG

DHG was established in 2009 and today has a turnover of approx. € 109 million, around 600 employees and subsidiaries in 6 European countries (UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland). In addition, DHG has distributors in 35 countries globally including the United States, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, and others.

The acquisition of Vendlet is the latest in DHG's ongoing growth and expansion strategy and comes in the wake of the acquisitions of Talley Group and United Care in 2021 as well as the acquisitions of Gate Rehab, Handicare Patient Handling EUROW and MediMattress (Carital) in 2020.

Graham Ewart, CEO of DHG, states: "We are excited about the acquisition of Vendlet, which supports DHG's focus on providing holistic solutions that focus on improving mobility and reducing injuries that may occur as a result of immobility."

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