The Danish Bariatric Council

By the employment of OT Pia Beck, Vendlet now holds a board position at the Danish Bariatric Council.

15. December 2013

The Bariatric Council is an advisory and interdisciplinary organization that conveys knowledge of severe overweight from an 360-degree angle. It Council does that by:

  • Maintaining a high academic level of knowledge
  • Creating dialogues about care, treatment and training
  • Advising about the continuity of care
  • Advising about safe patient handling
  • Creating an international network focusing on knowledge sharing
  • Creating innovation in collaboration with industry


Fits the Vendlet way

It suits Vendlets director well that Vendlet's new educational consultant and occupational therapist, Pia Beck, holds a board position in the Bariatic Council. "The high level of professionalism and interdisciplinary approach fits perfectly into the way we want to work at Vendlet. Therefore, Pia has my full support for continuing her work in the Bariatri Council board, " Peter Maindal says. 

Pia Beck is also pleased that she can continue the work of the Bariatric Council. "This is an exciting collaboration we have started, and I am very pleased to be able to continue the work of the Council. It means a lot that I have the full support of my new employer, "says Pia Beck.


BRC Congress

Every second year the Bariatric Council organizes the "Bariatric Rehabilitation Congress", a 2-day congress with theoretical presentations and hands-on workshops focusing on the bariatric client. The congress offers a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral knowledge sharing within the field of bariatrics among professionals from home and abroad.

If you want to know more about our work in the Danish Bariatric Council, please feel free to contact OT Pia Beck at