R&D collaboration acknowledgement

R&D collaboration acknowledgement

Vendlet receives the 2016 collaboration acknowledgement from LINAK Denmark A/S.

4. November 2016

It was a big surprise when an employee from LINAK Denmark A/S showed up during Vendlet’s staff meeting. In fact, only the top management members knew that LINAK Denmark came to hand out their 2016 collaboration acknowledgement.

”Our customers mean everything to us, and we want to be an active and cooperative partner for them. We have chosen to acknowledge our customers for a joint development collaboration because we appreciate it when they optimize and improve their products through innovation and new thinking,” says External Sales Engineer Carsten Gammelvind, from LINAK Denmark.

LINAK Denmark has previously handed similar acknowledgement awards out in their other marked segments, where customers have experienced it as something positive and took it as a pat on the back.

Vendlet’s director, Peter Maindal, is also pleased with the award. “We have developed the VENDLET system a lot, since I took over the company in 2010. We have not changed the basic principle of the system, as it is unique. But it has been necessary to make a series of improvements,” says Peter Maindal and continues: “When we develop our products, we focus on several things, but it is especially important that safety is top-notch. Moreover, we focus on simplification and increased usability. Patient experience is also important.”

Vendlet’s R&D Manager Brian Mundeling is in charge of the daily collaboration with LINAK Denmark’s development department. He is happy with the collaboration and says : “It is always nice to collaborate with a supplier that takes our development thoughts and ideas serious, and wants to get involved in our product development.”

”The acknowledgement of the collaboration we have had with Vendlet, goes back many years. Vendlet has an incredible capacity of always including optimization and improvement in their solutions, and we appreciate that we as supplier can contribute to a positive development through feedback and input,” says Carsten Gammelvind and continues: “Vendlet has gone through a rapid development, and has seen the market's need for a fantastic solution. A solution that has been of great importance – not only for carers, but also for those who are bedridden and experience a greater quality of life through Vendlet’s solution. It is clear that we, as a company, are proud to be part of the solution.”

The 2016 collaboration acknowledgement was celebrated with a delicious lunch for all Vendlet employees.