New White Paper on Assistive Living Technology

New White Paper on Assistive Living Technology

New White paper explores how Assistive Living Technologies are used in Denmark.

12. November 2019

Throughout the world we are facing many of the same healthcare challenges; how can we provide state-of-the-art healthcare service to an increasingly growing population that live longer lives? At the same time, how can we ensure that working in the healthcare sector remains attractive to young people?

These are also some of the challenges we are facing in Denmark. One of the ways we are coping with these issues is through using assistive living technology. This is the topic of a new white paper from Healthcare Denmark, which takes a closer look at how assistive living technologies are used in Danish Care Homes, Hospitals and in-home care situations, through a series of cases.

Vendlet has also contributed to the white paper. The case we have provided, comes from Hilleroed Municipality in the capital region of Denmark. The care homes in this municipality were able to improve their workplace health and safety, while also improving the quality of care, simply by using the right assistive living technologies; in this case the VENDLET system. This case is a good example of how assistive living can benefit both carer and client.

Find and read the entire White Paper right here: A Dignified Elderly Care in Denmark

And read the entire case from Hilleroed here: One Caregiver per Client