New Sales Rep. to Meet Growing Demands in Holland

New Sales Rep. to Meet Growing Demands in Holland

To meet growing demands from the Dutch market, Vendlet B.V. is expanding with another Sales Representative.

14. October 2020

Since its establishment in 2017, Vendlet B.V. has experienced increasing interest and growth. Therefore, it is time to expand the team: “Our customers and partners have responded really well to our solutions and our approach to providing service and support since we opened our subsidiary in Holland,” Peter Maindal, CEO of Vendlet B.V says and continues: “I believe we will continue to see a strong growth in Vendlet B.V, and to meet this demand it is necessary for us to expand our team,” he says about the new hire.

And with his positive attitude and extensive experience from the healthcare industry, Vendlet’s new Sales Representative, Niels van Toren, is the perfect candidate for the job.


Well-Rounded Experience

From his former job as a service engineer, Niels has hands-on experience with servicing, repairing, and certifying many types of assisted living devices. Combined with his experience within sales, Niels is well-equipped to undertake the challenges of assisting the continued development of Vendlet B.V.

“From my previous positions, I have learned both practical and commercial skills,” Niels shares, “Working at Vendlet will be an exciting challenge for me, and I look forward to getting started,” Niels says.

And Niels is a welcome addition to the Dutch team according to his new colleague, Robbert-Jan van Dam, who has worked at Vendlet B.V. since 2018.

“We are happy to strengthen our position in the north-eastern part of Holland with Niels on the team, “ Robbert-Jan says and continues: ”Niels has been in the field for a couple of years, and so the healthcare sector is not new to him.  And due to his technical experience, we are confident that Niels will be up and running very soon.”


Thorough Introduction

A three-week introduction program at the Danish office, including both a thorough introduction to technical aspects, such as mounting and repairs, as well as product properties and benefits, will make sure that Niels is fully trained to fulfill the challenges of his new job.

The three-week program also gives special attention to Vendlet’s history, values and of course his new colleagues.

“At the Danish office, I have already been met with people who are caring, who are themselves, and who are taking their time to get to know me,” Niels says: “I think, it is a very respectful place of work.”

About what appealed to him about working at Vendlet, Niels simply states: “I think that VENDLET is a part of the future within healthcare!”

Niels has his first day at Vendlet the 1st of October, and can be reached at:

Phone: +31 (0)6-23996121