New internationally oriented Sales Coordinator

New internationally oriented Sales Coordinator

Germany, Thailand or The United Arab Emirates? There aren’t many places Vendlet’s new Sales Coordinator hasn’t lived, worked or stayed.

25. September 2019

However, as of the 19th of August Karin Lund Sant has settled on the south of Denmark as her new base, as she started her new position at Vendlet.


International outlook

Throughout her career Karin has worked with sales and marketing across the globe and has even had her own business. Therefore, she is highly experienced in many of the processes that exist across an organization and has extensive experience with customer service and sales.

Besides the above qualifications, Karin is not only fluent in both Danish, English and German, but also speaks Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch. With her international outlook and her knack for language, she will be able to provide the best possible service for Vendlet’s customers across markets.

“I am absolutely convinced that Karin is the right woman for the job. With her experience and positive energy, she will be able to provide our customers across the world the best possible service,” Peter Maindal, CEO of Vendlet, says about why he chose Karin for the job.


Familiar with the industry

Karin has not only worked abroad; she also has 7 years of experience within medical equipment in particular with blood pressure monitors and inhalers. Therefore, the assistive living industry is not completely unfamiliar to Karin.

“It was almost as if the job was written with me in mind,” Karin says. However, there was one more reason why Karin found the position interesting: “It has also been of great importance to me that Vendlet is a company that values knowledge and professionalism, and also that the products we sell actually make a difference for people across the world,” she says.


Working behind the scenes

Until now, Karin has been hiding behind the scenes at Vendlet. She has undergone an intense training program travelling across Denmark to get a feel of the market and the daily activities of Vendlet’s sales consultants in the field.

This means that Karin is well prepared when answering questions from customers in Denmark and abroad:

“It has been very educational to spend those weeks with the consultants to really get to know, how they operate, and what I can do to best help them succeed,” Karin says: “I see it as a huge benefit that I now know the market so well, that I will be able to provide the best service for our customers from day one I am operating the phones,” she says.

As of today, Karin is waiting by the phone to take your orders and answer your questions!

Get in touch with Karin at:

Phone: +45 4199 1042