New Export Manager to Strengthen Vendlet’s Sales Team

New Export Manager to Strengthen Vendlet’s Sales Team

An increased demand and a strategic prioritization of export markets has led to the employment of a new Export Manager at Vendlet.

1. October 2020

Global challenges within the healthcare industry has increased demand for quality assisted living solutions throughout the last few years. Therefore, Vendlet is expanding the team with the employment of a new Export Manager.

Anne Beck Henriksen, who will undertake the role, has extensive, international experience within the healthcare industry where she has worked for many years in Denmark and abroad.

“Vendlet has worked strategically with exports since the beginning and our exports have also grown steadily over the years. However, our ambitions in the area are much greater and, therefore, I am incredibly happy that we have now got Anne on the team,” Peter Maindal, CEO at Vendlet, says.


Healthcare Under Pressure

Anne has spent the last 8 years working in clusters and network organizations that aim to help Danish healthcare companies discover new markets and opportunities, which has given her an international network, in-depth insight into cultural differences, and an wide-ranging understanding of international healthcare systems, that will help her in her new role at Vendlet.

“Through my years of experience, I have gained extensive insight into how the global healthcare industry is struggling with many of the same challenges, such as balancing a lack of resources with increased demand for care services from aging populations,” Anne says and continues: “What really appealed to me about Vendlet, was that the solutions they offer, in particular the VENDLET turning system, truly helps relieve some of these challenges. And I want to be a part of that.”

Anne is leaving behind a prominent position as Chief Consultant at Healthcare Denmark to take up the new opportunities working at Vendlet will bring her. Here, it will be Anne’s most important role to support existing distributors, while also exploring new opportunities and expanding Vendlet’s distributor network.

“One of the first things I will be doing is to form an overview of Vendlet’s existing export markets, and not least how the current situation with COVID-19 has affected the local situations,” Anne says.


A Long-Term Relationship

When the search for a new Export Manager began, it was no coincidence, that the choice landed on the experienced Anne Beck Henriksen as Peter Maindal became familiar with her talent many years ago.

“Throughout her career, Anne has worked with sales, exports, and consulting, and it is through this work that I got to know Anne 8 years ago,” Peter Maindal shares, “Since then, we have had regular contact and collaboration on various promotions. Therefore, I also know that Anne will fit incredibly well with the Vendlet team, and I am really looking forward to the collaboration.”

And, luckily, the feeling is mutual, as Anne Beck Henriksen is also enthusiastic about her new place of work, which is in line with her personal values.

“What I really like about Vendlet as a workplace is the honesty and sincerity that is part of the company DNA. This is so important, particularly in this industry, where people’s quality of life is on stake,” Anne says about what appealed to her about working at Vendlet.


Anne had her first day at Vendlet the 1st of October, and can be reached at:

Phone: +45 2112 3318