New Branch in Holland

New Branch in Holland

From the 1st of November, we will have our own presence in Holland.

24. October 2017

It is with great pleasure that we can announce, that we from the 1st of November 2017 will be present with our own sales company in Holland.

“The VENDLET-system has been sold by a distributor in Holland for many years. To some extend the Dutch people has adopted the system into their care sector, but with the high population and demographic development in Holland, the demand is much higher, than we have seen so far”, director for Vendlet, Peter Maindal says. Vendlet B.V. is the second branch to the Danish rehabilitation company. Last year the company opened its first branch in Germany.

“Since Vendlet made the agreement with the former distributor in Holland, we developed other products, which have not been introduced to the Dutch market yet. It is all products that are complementary to the VENDLET-system and we are very thrilled to introduce these products to the Dutch market”, Peter Maindal says.

From the end of May 2018, our skilled servicetechnician Niclas, will also be stationed i Holland in order to keep up with demand for installations, fittings and other services. Niclas has worked for Vendlet for over a year, and has acquired the skills needed to fulfill this role: "With his experience and drive, I am sure he will be the right man for the job," Peter Maindal says. 

In Holland, you can reach us here:

Vendlet B.V.
Einsteinweg 11H-J
3225LT Hellevoetsluis
Tel. 085-1300710