Disposable Sheets are available

Disposable Sheets are available

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it can in some cases be a good idea to use disposable sheets for VENDLET systems.

9. March 2020

As a supplier to the healthcare industry, Vendlet is following the Coronavirus outbreak closely. At the current point in time, none of our employees have been infected by the virus, and the outbreak has also not affected our ability to supply.

However, healthcare workers across the world rely on protective equipment to protect themselves and their clients from being infected and from infecting others.

To limit the risk of infection from patients to healthcare personnel we want to make it known that disposable turning and slide sheets are available for VENDLET-systems. This can in some cases limit the risk of infection through bodily fluids as the handling of soiled sheets is minimized.

If you have any questions, please reach us at vendlet@vendlet.dk or by phone: +45 9631 0050