Demographic development makes its mark on Swedish care sector

Demographic development makes its mark on Swedish care sector

VENDLET is first choice as Swedish municipality goes all in on Assistive Tech

31. October 2018

Vendlet is experiencing increased interest from the Swedish market. 24 VENDLET systems are to help a municipality create better workplace health and safety and improved conditions for the client, while also freeing resources through streamlining processes.


Demographic development already showing signs

In Sweden, like many other places, the consequences of the demographic development is already noticeable in the healthcare sector. And as the development continues, and there will be more and more elders who need care and fewer people to provide it, Bollnäs municipality in Sweden is taking precautions. Therefore, they invited manufacturers of assistive living technology to showcase how their products could assist in this development. The healthcare staff and clients from Bollnäs were very interested in Vendlet’s mechanic turning system.

And it is necessary to take advantage of technology whenever possible: “We are faced with the challenge that we have to provide care to a lot of people, but we are fewer and fewer people to provide that care. Therefore, we must use technological aids whenever we can to give our staff the best tools they can get,” says Ingela Hedblom who works for the social services in Bollnäs municipality.

And technology can help both with preventing that employees get worn out and can also help make existing processes more efficient: “Everyday we have a lot of transfers where it is necessary to be double manned, which takes up a lot of time. We are looking for ways to better use that time and free up resources. And with the help of VENDLET it is possible for a caregiver to transfer clients on their own, and that will certainly free up time for other tasks,” says Ingela Hedblom.


3 goals of using the VENDLET

After a long process of researching the market, Bollnäs municipality has chosen to purchase 24 VENDLET systems. The decision was made based on a trial period of two weeks, where staff, clients and occupational therapists gave their thoughts and opinions.

And there was a clear backing for the VENDLET systems: “We invited both companies that provide the type of solution we were looking for, to showcase their products. Afterwards the staff tried them, and the systems were trialled as a part of the care for two weeks. Here we also obtained expert opinions from Occupational Therapists who contributed with their unique perspectives. With that overall picture we assessed that it was VENDLET that we wanted to proceed with,” Ingela Hedblom shares.

And the system chosen for Bollnäs municipality had to be able to fulfil three goals, which were crucial for the choice of product:

  1. Better use and exploitation of resources
  2. Better transfers and moving and handling for the clients
  3. Improved work health and safety for staff and thereby better retention of employees


Improved moving and handling for the client

Among the success criteria for the investment in the VENDLET systems lies an expectation that the overall wellbeing of the clients will be improved. With mechanic repositioning, the client often experiences a better connection with the caregiver as there is only one, rather than two colleagues performing a task.

Moreover, the client often experiences that the transfers with the VENDLET system are more comfortable than with manual handling. This is because the mechanic turning system is gentler since there is no pushing or pulling on the client’s skin, as it is not necessary to grab the client when performing the transfer or repositioning.

“It is hard to put a figure to what is dignified for the client. It’s an emotion or feeling. Our clients have already said that they find the transfer with VENDLET more comfortable. And that is a huge part in creating a sense of wellbeing and dignity for the client,” says Ingela Hedblom.


Swedish potential confirmed

The collaboration with Vendlet has also been smooth sailings, which has only helped make the implementation process much easier: “The collaboration has worked really well, and we are very satisfied with it,” Ingela Hedblom says, who has had the primary contact with Vendlet’s Swedish Product Specialist, John Eskilsson, who is also a trained Physiotherapist.

“It has been very exciting to be a part of this project with Bollnäs, who are truly forerunners within assistive living technology,” John says. And for Vendlet’s Swedish consultant the Swedish project has only confirmed the potential of the Swedish market.