Confederation of Danish Industry Initiative Award 2017

Confederation of Danish Industry Initiative Award 2017

Tuesday 3rd October was a day of celebration at the Vendlet offices in Aabenraa, Denmark, as we received the Initiative Award 2017 from the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

3. October 2017

It was a proud and happy CEO, Peter Maindal, who received the diploma from the Chairman of DI, Erling Duus. 

“This is an award, which we are very proud of. Our growth is driven by the desire to contribute and make a difference by creating value in caring,” CEO of Vendlet, Peter Maindal, says. 

Vendlet, which has existed for more than 30 years, was acquired by Peter Maindal in 2010. Since then, the company has undergone a restructuring and products have been further developed and re-designed. Now, the hard work has resulted in a recognition from DI, which is a membership organization for Danish companies within manufacturing, trade and service industries. 


Initiative is honored

In total, 18 regional winners are awarded, and later compete to become the national winner. In the selection of the 18 winners, a special emphasis has been placed on other companies being able to learn from the winner’s road to growth and success. 

The purpose of the initiative award is to honor enthusiasm, drive and urge to create in small and medium sized companies. That Vendlet won, is due to the company’s success and continued focus on improving and development of products. Besides the normal criteria, the ability to strategically lead the employees and business towards new goals was also particularly emphasized in 2017. 

Vendlet has been successful at creating solid financial growth. Among other things, the staff has gone from 4 to 25 employees since it was taken over by Peter Maindal in 2010. And now, Vendlet is also investing in expansions to both the German and Swedish markets. 


A bright future lies ahead

And the turning system is also predicted to have a bright future ahead, even internationally: “We can see a huge demand for development in the healthcare sector,” says Peter Maindal and points to the demographic development, which is increasingly indicating, that there in a matter of short time, will be fewer people in the working age to take care of an aging population. When there are fewer hands to perform more tasks, it will also be necessary to implement assistive living technologies in more and more situations. Something, which is a theme in healthcare industries across borders.

Besides creating an economic benefit, assistive living technology can also play an important role in creating better work health & safety conditions for healthcare professionals, and thereby contribute to the retention of staff, and general disease prevention, in the industry.

The 18 regional winners among small and medium sized companies will compete for the national title which is awarded at DI’s yearly conference in 2018.