CEO of Vendlet Celebrates his 10-year Anniversary

CEO of Vendlet Celebrates his 10-year Anniversary

The past 10 years have presented an exciting challenge for the trained Physiotherapist, Peter Maindal.

10. June 2020

A Personal History

More than 35 years ago, the world's first electric patient turning system was launched by the company that since 2010 has been known as Vendlet. The first system was developed by the Danish engineer, Christian Buus, who originally designed the system for his disabled daughter. The solution was patented, and the company was established with the launch of the first electric patient turning system in 1985. But in 2010 the family owned business was looking for new ownership, and Peter Maindal took over the company on June 10th, 2010.

Thus, Peter Maindal today celebrates his 10th anniversary as CEO and owner of Vendlet, while the company also celebrates 10 years under its current name and management. “I am immensely proud of the organization we have built and the people who work at Vendlet. I am incredibly pleased with this team and am constantly impressed with their commitment,” says Peter Maindal about the company's employees, which currently consists of 19 employees in Denmark and 2 in the Netherlands.


Wants to make a difference

In addition to the desire to be self-employed, other motives also contributed to Peter Maindal's acquisition of the company, namely the desire to make a difference in a continually stressed health care sector across the world, that are facing growing challenges with demography, work health and safety, quality of care and staffing.

"I saw great opportunities to refine the product and thereby help improve on some of the issues faced by the healthcare sectors internationally, such as challenging work health & safety," says Peter Maindal, who finished his education as a Physical Therapist in 2001.

Worldwide, health care services are also facing the consequences of the demographic development that predicts a rise in the number of elders needing care, and a reduced number of people of working age in the very near future. Contributing to solving this issue has always been close to the heart of Vendlet.

“Our goal is to create value in caring and make a difference for our customers and clients. And I really feel that we have and continuously are doing that. That is one of my proudest accomplishments,” says Peter Maindal.


Background in Healthcare

During Peter Maindal's ownership, Vendlet has grown both nationally and internationally, and the company's development has also been recognized over the years with several awards for growth, innovation, and product development.

But during all this, the CEO has kept his background as a healthcare professional, insisting that the company has concentrates solely on evidence-based solutions.

“When I acquired Vendlet it was based on the desire for it to be a company with a focus on evidence-based solutions. That is why I am extremely proud of the way our company operates today. It has been a great pleasure to experience,” says Peter Maindal.

And the future looks bright for the company that has gone through an international development since the change of ownership in 2010.

“We will continue to manufacture and innovate on our VENDLET systems and create solutions that maintain the quality of care in healthcare sectors across the world to the benefit of staff, clients and patients,” concludes Peter Maindal.