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If you have difficulty with turning on your side when lying in bed, this bed handle is a suitable aid for you. The handle is attached to the bed frame or the side rail of your bed without the need for tools, making it easy to mount and move around as needed.

Simply grab on to the bed handle when needing to turn in bed and use the handle to pull yourself over on the side.

The length of the bed handle can be adjusted to suit your needs. The handle is made of firm non-slip foam, making it comfortable to hold on to, even for users with arthritis or other limb/joint pains. The strap is made from durable polyester material.

Use the bed grip in combination with a slide sheet for extra assistance when turning over onto your side.

Combine with Powered Turning System

If used in combination with the powered patient turning system, VENDLET, attach the bed grip on the side rail. Let the client hold on to the handle while being turned if they need extra support, or to make use of their strength during the transfer.

Patients operating the VENDLET system on their own can also grab on to the bed handle while operating the hand control with the other hand. This can be advantageous for people with good strength in their upper limbs, but weakness or paralysis in their legs.

Recommended for:

  • The bed grip is suitable for people that experience extremity weakness and limited range of motion and need assistance to turn in bed
  • The bed grip is also suitable for people that need something to hold on to when being transferred by carers

MANULET Mono Grip is the simple bed handle, that makes turning in the bed easier and makes the user feel in control as well as stabilises them.


The bed grip is machine washable and can be washed 60 degrees. Do not use fabric softener. The grip does not withstand tumble drying or ironing. 


This assistive aid is suitable for people with extremity weakness and limited range of motion, that have trouble turning over in bed, and for people who need something to grab on to when be transferred by carers in bed. 

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Item no 5000106
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Length: 35-90 cm

Strap: Polyester 

Handle: Polypropylene tube covered with PE-foam

Max Load: 400 kg

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