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This swivel cushion consists of two discs made from a frictionless inner lining and a soft cotton jersey outer, making the swivel cushion comfortable to sit on.

The discs are fastened by a small Velcro covered plate in the middle, which makes it possible to separate the discs from each other and wash them in the washing machine. The homey design makes it blend in with the rest of your interior.

The Swivel Cushion Can Be Used

  • To turn around on a chair
  • To assist with transferring heavy legs into bed
  • To easily turn around on the car seat when entering or exiting the car

Easily Turn Around on a Chair or Seat

If you have difficulty turning around when sitting on a chair, a swivel cushion, such as MANULET Turn Table, is a good solution for you. Place the cushion on the chair or car seat before sitting down, and you will now be able to easily rotate while minimizing the risk of unnecessary strain to your arms and back.

Combine the swivel cushion with a lumbar support cushion for optimum support when sitting in the car.

Transfer Heavy Legs into Bed

In combination with a slide sheet the swivel cushion can be used, if you have difficulty transferring your legs into bed. Place the slide sheet between the swivel cushions two discs before sitting down. When turning, the slide sheet and swivel disc combined will make it possible for you to get your legs into bed. Turn onto the side to remove the two aids again.

Recommended for:

  • People who have trouble turning around on a chair
  • People who have trouble transferring their legs into bed
  • People that drive a lot and needs assistance when getting in and out of the car

This rotating seat cushion also helps reduce the back strain for carers when transferring patients out of beds and chairs.

MANULET Turn Table MANULET Turn Table

With MANULET Turn Table, it becomes easy to turn in a chair, on the couch or getting in and out of the car. It is both suitable at home or at a facility.

Transfer patient with limited mobility out of bed with aids Transfer patient with limited mobility out of bed with aids

In this video, we will demonstrate how you can use the different transfer aids in our collection to easily transfer a patient out of bed e.g. a paraplegic patient.


Remove the swivel from the Turn Table before washing. It can be washed at 60 degrees. Do not add fabric softener. Does not withstand tumble drying or ironing. 

MANULET Turn Table

With this lightweight swivel cushion, it becomes easy to turn around when sitting on a chair or in a car seat, thereby minimizing the unnecessary strain of the back and arms. By reducing the friction underneath you, it assists you when rotating in your seat.

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