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This bed ladder is a mobility aid specially designed with soft foam handles with inner plastic rods, that makes them comfortable to grab on to while providing stability when in use.

Attach the bed ladder to the foot end of the bed and place it within reach of the user. The bed ladder allows you to incrementally rise to a seated position – simply grab on to the handles and climb your way up. Similarly, use the bed ladder to climb down again when needing to get into bed.

Combine the bed ladder with other mobility aids, such as a slide sheet or a swivel cushion, if you also have difficulty getting your legs into bed when sitting on the edge of the bed.

Assistant in Rehabilitation

This bed rope ladder can also be used for rehabilitation purposes for those that need to train and strengthen their upper body. Using the bed rope ladder to sit up or lie down will train both the arms and abdominal muscles.

Combine With Powered Turning System

Combined with our VENDLET system this bed ladder can be used to activate the client or patient when they are being turned or repositioned in bed with VENDLET.

For those clients that have sufficient control of their upper body to sit on the edge of the bed, the ladder can be used as something for them to hold on to when being transferred into bed. After their legs have been transferred into bed, the client can climb down the bed ladder to the supine position, helping to reduce back strain for carers when transferring patients in and out of bed.

Recommended for:

  • People with reduced physical abilities as a result of ageing
  • People with paralysis, such as paralysis to the legs or one side
  • People with reduced extremity weakness as a result of diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis

The bed ladder is 170 cm long and has 11 handles making the reaching distance between each handle suitable for most people.

MANULET Multi Grip MANULET Multi Grip

The good grip and strong construction make it easy to use the MANULET Multi Grip to get up in a sitting position or down in a lying position.

Transfer patient with limited mobility out of bed with aids Transfer patient with limited mobility out of bed with aids

In this video, we will demonstrate how you can use the different transfer aids in our collection to easily transfer a patient out of bed e.g. a paraplegic patient.


The bed ladder is machine washable and can be washed at 60 degrees. Do not use fabric softener. The ladder does not withstand tumble drying or ironing.

MANULET Multi Grip

This bed rope ladder is designed to assist those with limited mobility or weakness to sit up or lie down in bed. Simply grab on to the handles and incrementally climb your way up to the seated position.

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Length: 170 cm

Strap: Polyester

Handle: Polypropylene tube covered with PE-foam

Max Load: 400 kg

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