Daily Living Aids for Everyday Use

Our series of easy-to-use aids are designed and developed by healthcare professionals to maintain your functional independence despite physical or cognitive decline. The light and homey design of this series of mobility aids make them blend perfectly into your own home.

Practical Transfer Aids

With Vendlet’s line of mobility aids, you can stay independent for longer in your own home. You might be experiencing a lack of strength to do the things that you used to due to age, disabilities or health issues, and find yourself in need of a helping hand from time to time.

This is where small mobility aids come in handy. The aids increase your independence, making it possible for you to do more things on your own, and maybe even regain some of your strength.

Developed by Health Care Professionals

The aids in the MANULET series have been developed by healthcare professionals to support the use of your physical resources. The aids are suitable for use in private homes as well as for use in health institutions such as residential cares, nursing homes and more.

The aids are designed and developed to be easy to use, and reduce the strength needed to conduct simple tasks such as turning yourself onto the side while lying in bed.

Everyday Life Made Easy

Use the transfer aids in this series combined or separately to suit your individual needs.

For instance, use our slide sheet to turn yourself onto the side when lying in bed or combine it with one of our bed grips for the extra support or something to hold on to.

Use our bed ladders if you have difficulty sitting up in bed. If you have issues getting your legs into bed when sitting on the edge of the bed, the draw sheet or turn table can be used to reduce the friction under your legs.




This slide sheet is an easy-to-use mobility aid that provides an extra hand if you have issues turning over in bed or getting your legs into bed when sitting on the bedside.

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MANULET Turn Table

With this lightweight swivel cushion, it becomes easy to turn around when sitting on a chair or in a car seat, thereby minimizing the unnecessary strain of the back and arms. By reducing the friction underneath you, it assists you when rotating in your seat.

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MANULET Multi Grip

This bed rope ladder is designed to assist those with limited mobility or weakness to sit up or lie down in bed. Simply grab on to the handles and incrementally climb your way up to the seated position.

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This assistive aid is suitable for people with extremity weakness and limited range of motion, that have trouble turning over in bed, and for people who need something to grab on to when be transferred by carers in bed. 

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