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DORMILET Flexi is a static foam mattress with unique foam cuttings and a slide zone that reduces shearing and friction when using the profiling functions of the bed. This makes the foam mattress particularly useful for preventing tissue damages, such as sores to the sacrum and tailbone, caused by friction and shearing elevation of the head end of the bed.

Construction of the Mattress

This pressure-relieving foam mattress consists of two types of foam. The foam frame (bottom and side construction) consists of one piece of firm foam with castellations that ensures that the foam moves with the profiling functions of the bed. The sturdier foam frame also helps facilitate patient transfers by providing effective side-wall support.

Within the frame, the surface of the mattress is constructed in a single piece of foam, consisting of cell cut-outs that moulds to the patient’s body and movements. This results in an effective pressure reduction of high-risk areas such as the back of the head, shoulder blades, elbows, sacrum, and heels.

The mattress cover is constructed in a multi-stretch polyurethane material that optimizes the movement of the foam cells, allowing them to provide optimal pressure relief at all times.

Furthermore, the cover is vapour permittable and treated with an antibacterial coating. The cover is machine washable and equipped with two handles, that ease the moving and handling of the mattress.

Reduction of Shear and Friction

The head end of this static foam mattress is lined with a unique slide zone that minimizes shearing and friction between the patient and the mattress when using the profiling functions of the bed.

When the head end of the bed is elevated, the upper part of the surface slides up together with the patient's body. Thus, the sliding zone absorbs the friction that normally occurs between the patient and the mattress, so that it instead takes place between the foam frame of the mattress and the surface. This reduces the pressure on the patient’s sacrum while also reducing compression of the abdominal region.

Therefore, this pressure-relieving foam mattress is optimal for preventing tissue damage that can occur on the coccyx and sacrum of clients or patients who often have the head end of the bed elevated.

For optimal prevention of pressure ulcers and other tissue damage, the foam mattress can be combined with frequent position changes, i.e. micro-positioning.

Versatile Foam Mattress

DORMILET Flexi is a foam mattress that is suitable for many users due to its unique sliding zone and pressure-relieving foam. The mattress can be used for people who are active during the day, but who cannot lie flat on their back when in bed, and therefore, are particularly exposed to developing bed sores on the sacrum and tailbone.

Unique Benefits

  • Slide zone that reduces shear and friction
  • Ideal for pressure relief and pressure sore prevention
  • High-quality foam with unique cuttings

DORMILET Flexi is useable on any hospital or homecare bed.

Target group

In order to figure out which mattress is best suited to your client, we recommend that the client's mobility as well as their risk of developing pressure ulcers. This assessment can be made with help from the Braden Scale.

DORMILET Flexi is suitable for

  • Clients who have a very low level of mobility (a score of 3-4 on the Braden Scale), and where an extensive re-positioning scheduled is implemented.
  • Patients or residents with low to medium risk of developing bedsores or who have developed sores up to and including category 2.
  • Clients who can turn over in their beds on their own or with little assistance. The mattress is also suitable in cases where a proper repositioning routine is implemented.

The cover can be wiped down with warm water and detergent or using a 0.1% hypochlorite solution (1,000 ppm). In case of heavy soiling, the mattress cover must first be cleaned with a detergent and water, and then with a 1% hypochlorite solution (10,000 ppm).

The cover can also be removed from the foam core and machine washed at max. 90 ° C. It can then be air-dried indoors in a clean environment or a dryer at a low temperature (max. 40 ° C). Consult the manual for further information.

When should I use the DORMILET Flexi?

DORMILET Flexi is designed to be used with a hospital- or care bed, as part of an overall care program for the prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers. You can therefore use the mattress within the entire care sector, including specialized institutions, hospitals etc. 

Who is the target group for DORMILET Flexi?

The target group is the active/moderately active bedridden client. The mattress is suitable for clients, who have up to medium risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have already developed ulcers up to and including category 2.

What is the maximum user weight for DORMILET Flexi?

The foam mattress allows a maximum user weight of 160 kg.

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The head end of this pressure-relieving foam mattress is equipped with a unique slide zone that allows the top half of the mattress to slide up when the head end of the bed is elevated. This reduces the risk of friction and shearing on the tailbone and sacrum and makes the mattress particularly suitable for preventing pressure sores and damages to the skin.

Max. user weight: 160 kg.

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