Pressure Relieving Foam Mattress

With its unique glide zone, Vendlet’s cost-effective pressure relief foam mattress, DORMILET Flexi, is particularly suitable for preventing pressure ulcers and other skin damages.

Foam Mattress for Pressure Redistribution

There is a big difference between the different types of foam mattresses.

A pressure-relieving foam mattress is a mattress cut in such a way that the foam obtains pressure relieving properties. As such, a pressure-relieving foam mattress is not just made of any kind of foam, rather, it has unique properties due to the quality of the foam and the way it has been cut and castellated.

Foam mattresses are a good choice for patients or residents that can turn themselves in bed with minimal assistance. Combined with a solid repositioning routine, a foam mattress can be a suitable choice for preventing tissue damages and pressure sores.




The head end of this pressure-relieving foam mattress is equipped with a unique slide zone that allows the top half of the mattress to slide up when the head end of the bed is elevated. This reduces the risk of friction and shearing on the tailbone and sacrum and makes the mattress particularly suitable for preventing pressure sores and damages to the skin. Max. user weight: 160 kg.

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Extender to Flexi

Extend your DORMILET Flexi mattress with 10, 15 or 20 cm. It would be most beneficial to put the extender at the head part of the bed.

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