St. Edmunds Care Home

St. Edmunds Care Home

At St. Edmunds Care Home they have trialed the VENDLET Basic with positive results. The staff found it easy to use, and the client was calmer and more confident during personal care. After receiving initial training in using the system the staff was left to make their own evaluations and to trial the system with the client.

3. August 2020

Feedback from Carecenter


Easy to use

The staff found that the system was easy to use and that basic training in the system was sufficient. “I think we’re all confident. There were a couple of people that were a little unsure in the beginning. But with help from the others, now everyone is confident in using it,” an employee says.

In general, the system was well received among employees, who quickly became confident in using the system and found it very intuitive to use.

 “I think everyone found it fairly easy to use. The control itself is as basic as it gets, and it works,” one of the employees states. “I think it does exactly what it is meant to do. I can’t think of anything else that could improve it to be honest. Because it is not loud, it is not complicated, it is not difficult to remove sheets or add sheets. I feel like it does exactly what it is meant to do.”


Peace of mind

The staff at St. Edmunds Care Home used the system for a client they had had challenges with in the past, and even an instance where an employee hurt their back.

The client was turned every two hours and was primarily bed bound before the system was put in. She didn’t like to be turned and was often scared when being handled with manual methods, particularly in personal care situations. But with the VENDLET Basic, the client became more confident and calmer.

One of the employees, who worked with the client, explained: “We were having so much trouble with her before when having to turn her and do personal care. She didn’t enjoy it because she was scared of being turned to the edges of the bed. So, when the system was put in it gave her a lot of peace of mind, I think, because she knew she wasn’t going to go anywhere. She wasn’t being turned too much, she wasn’t being pulled around as much. So, it worked really well for her.”


Less disturbances during the night

The client would often wake up during her nightly repositioning regime every two hours. But with the system the staff experienced that she wasn’t woken up half of the times when they repositioned her at night.

“It was less disturbing for her because instead of us having to grab her, pull her, put something underneath her, especially at night time, she could stay a sleep and we could very quietly reposition her without waking her,” the staff explains.


Broad target group

Based on the trial, the staff at St. Edmunds Care Home could see huge potential in using the system, particularly for those clients who are bed-bound or who spend a lot of time in bed, who are bed-bound or has poor skin integrity.

The client, that trialed the VENDLET Basic, stayed in bed quite a bit beforehand, but now she is out of bed all day and only sleeps in the bed.

“I think it would benefit a lot of people who are bed-bound, end of life care, because they are the people that have really bad skin integrity that needs to be turned a lot, and people where you can’t use your hands because they would bruise easily and things like that.”