Soham Lodge Care Centre

Soham Lodge Care Centre

At Soham Lodge Care Centre they have trialed the VENDLET Basic. They found particular benefits when it came to facilities and maintenance as the system was easy to install and clean. Meanwhile they also found the benefits of the system to be equal to those of the VENDLET V5S, which they are used to using.

17. June 2020

Feedback from Carecentre

Easy maintenance and mounting

The technician, who installs the systems at Soham Lodge, was very positive about the easy mounting of the VENDLET Basic.

The VENDLET Basic has fewer cables, because the siderail does not move up and down mechanically. “Because you haven’t got the actuators, you haven’t got all the cables. Cable management is a big problem in the care environment.”

He also found that the system was easy to maintain, and they didn’t have any issues with it during the trial period. “I was quite surprised and pleased actually. With this, I haven’t had to go in there once to fix or move anything. So again, from a maintenance point of view this system is very good,” the technician stated.


Easy to clean

Soham Lodge Care Center also found that the VENDLET Basic is easy to clean. This was particularly because the turning sheet on the VENDLET Basic is not attached with Velcro. Instead, the sheet has to be attached in a groove on the top bar of the siderail.

“When they are wiped down, you can just wipe straight across. With the Velcro it is going to snag isn’t it. So, the carers prefer the Velcro, whereas the health keepers and cleaners prefer this one,” the technician from Soham Lodge states.


Easy operation of siderails

On the VENDLET Basic, the siderails are moved up and down manually by the press of a button, a feature they were very pleased with at Soham Lodge.

“The siderails on this model moves easily. It is a lot quicker because it just drops compared to the V5S where the siderails are moved mechanically.”

However, that the siderails move this way also means that they only have two positions; all the way up or all the way own. The carers felt that they lost some control due to this feature.